Thomas only wears v-necks; as seen here.  And that face means, "Would we say...?"or it could be his "Hey —no fair— she always wins the crowd's favor."  Judging by my belly laugh it might be the latter. He gave me that triangle on my neck when we found out I was carrying our third child. He is in tireless pursuit of truth, beauty, and adventure. I love working with my husband; he is my favorite story teller. If I could do anything forever on an island, it would be listen to him read to me.  



Sheena and I started by falling in love with a story.  A bit idealistic, to be sure, but that's us and we've more or less stayed that way ever since.  When she gets going, Sheena can laugh harder than anyone I have ever met.  She is one of the most stalwart people I know and her praise is like having the ground made surer under your feet.  It's a privilege to know her.  

Learning to love her has been my favorite adventure.